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2016 Loon Survey Report
   -- Olivia Culver, Coordinator for Eagle Lake

Juvenile Loon, September 2015 - Photograph by Olivia Culver

The extremely low water levels during the breeding season in May and June definitely
affected loon nesting this year. Although five breeding pairs were present on Eagle Lake,
only one pair successfully raised young.

In the northwestern section of the lake this loon pair got an early start, hatching their chicks
on June twelfth. The chicks grew fast and by late fall was doing well. One juvenile is very
independent, usually found by itself. The second one likes to hang out with a parent.

Again this year the pair in the northeastern section of the lake did not successfully nest. They
may have been discouraged from nesting by the proximity of aggressive Herring Gulls
nesting very close by.

Another loon pair attempted to nest in the
marshy area in the back bay at Parham
Landing, where they had successfully
nested in the past. However the falling
water level soon made it impossible for
them to reach their nest site. They made a
second attempt in another location but soon
abandoned that site also.

The loon pair in the Curl’s Bay section of
the lake hatched a chick this year, but it did
not survive. In all, five pairs of loons were
present on the lake, three pairs nested, with
one pair successfully raising two chicks.

We can all do our part in insuring the future
breeding success of loons on Eagle Lake
by working to preserve the wild parts of the
lake, keeping shorelines natural, watching
our boat wakes and steering clear of loons,
keeping plastics, metals, fishing line, tackle
and other refuse out of the lake, and
working to reduce large water level
changes during the nesting season (May to

Thanks to our Eagle Lake loon surveyors,
Mary Ritter, Tom Karlson, Kirk and
Ingeborg Donald and Norman and Olivia
Culver, we had complete coverage of Eagle
Lake again this year for our report to the
Canadian Lakes Loon Survey, a part of
Bird Studies Canada.

Olivia Culver
Coordinator, Eagle Lake Loon Survey
Adult Loon with four day old chicks, June 16, 2016, Eagle Lake, Ontario
Adult and its juvenile Loon hatched at the northwest region and photographed on October 6, 2016 at Eagle Lake.